Part 8: The Rocket flames

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The Rocket flames - Part 8

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particle system

In this part you will learn about:

Particle System
HTML in Create

The final part of the beginner course! In this part we're going to give our scene the finishing touch by creating the rocket flames for the Moon rocket for when it launches.

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particle system

In this part you will learn about:

Particle System
HTML in Create

Particle system

To create the rocket flames, we’re going to add a particle system to our scene. What is a particle system? Particles are simple images or meshes that are moved in great numbers by a particle system. The particle system can change the size, color, direction and speed of the particles during their lifetime. This is very useful for when you for instance want to make a fire. When you make a particle system for a fire, you want the particles to move upward and the color to change from white to yellow to red.

Creating the Rocket flames

Now you have an idea of what a particle system is, we can start creating the rocket flames for our Moon rocket

Adding a particle system to the scene

  1. Click the Create Entity button at the top center of the canvas
  2. Click on Particles
  3. Rename the Particle System to ‘Rocket Particle System’
  4. Set the Transform component > X Rotation to 180
  5. Position the particle system to a point where you can see the whole particle system
  6. Focus on the particle system by pressing ‘S’ on your keyboard

Editing the particle system

To edit the particle system, open up the Particles component in the inspector panel:

  1. Make sure the just added particle system is selected in the Hierarchy panel
  2. Unfold the particle system in the Hierarchy panel
  3. Unfold General
  4. Uncheck autoplay, set the Duration to ‘2’, check the Prewarm checkbox, set Y gravity to ‘-50’,
  5. Unfold Over Duration Properties
  6. Set Emission Rate to ‘30’, Start size to ‘8’, Start color to HEX ‘29165b’, Start life time to ‘1’
  7. Unfold Over Lifetime Properties
  8. Set Color from ‘Constant’ to ‘Gradient’. Keep the first color of the gradient white, and set the second one to HEX ‘f0ff00’, which is yellow. Also, change the Size from ‘Constant’ to ‘Linear’, and set the first value to ‘3’ and the second value to ‘1’

Well done, you’ve made your first particle in Goo Create! If you want to learn more about the particle system, play around with it for a bit. The fastest way to learn about the particle system is to change values and see what happens. Before you know it, you’re a particle ninja! But for now, let’s put the rocket flames under the Moon rocket.

Bind the Particle to the Moon Rocket

  1. Give the Rocket Particle System the following translation:
  2. Drag and drop the ‘Rocket particle system’ entity in the ‘Moon lander’ entity.

We put the Rocket particle system inside the Moon Lander entity, because it will make the rocket particle system a part of the Moon Lander. So when the Moon Lander moves, the Rocket particle system will move as well, and that is exactly what we want.

Press the Play button to checkout your scene in action!

User instructions

The only thing that’s left now are the instructions for the people that are going to check out the scene. After that we can publish the scene!

To make this, we are going to use an HTML entity

  1. Click the Create Entity button at the top center of the canvas
  2. Add the HTML entity by clicking the code icon under 2D shapes
  3. Make sure the HTML entity is selected in the Hierarchy
  4. Unfold HTML in the Inspector panel and deselect Move with Transform
  5. Click Open in editor. There should open a pop-up window.
  6. Replace everything for the code below:
      	.instructions {
      		font-size: 16px;
      		padding: 10px;
      		border-radius: 3px;
      		margin: 0;
      		font-family: roboto;
      		color: white;

      <p class="instructions">
      	Click the flag to lower/hoist the flag
      	Click the Moon Rocket to launch it
  1. Click the big blue Save button at the bottom left corner and close the pop-up window

Publish and share the scene!

  1. Click Scene > Publish in the top left corner of the interface
  2. In the pop-up window, click on ‘publish’ and then on ‘OK’
  3. After it’s done publishing, click on ‘Close’. Now you can share your projects by clicking on one of the social media icons.

Congratulations!! You’ve finished the Beginner Course!

A list of the things you’ve learned about:

  • Creating a new scene
  • The Create UI
  • What entities are
  • How to add entities
  • Transformation
  • Duplicating entities
  • Adding light to a scene
  • Clipping plane of the camera
  • Importing assets
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Changing colors
  • Skyboxes
  • Hierarchy
  • State machine
  • Timeline
  • Events
  • Creating a fixed camera
  • Particle System