JSON Asset

Structured data for your scripts

A JSON Asset represents a JSON-formatted text file, that you can access in Scripts.

To add a new JSON asset, drop a .json file onto the Asset Bin. When loaded, the asset will end up in the Asset Bin in the Default Pack, ready to use.

JSON asset in the asset bin

If you click the JSON Asset, you can edit its settings in the left panel. You can also click the Edit in script editor button to edit the JSON data.

JSON panel

If you add a “json” parameter in a Script, your can drop a JSON asset as a parameter, and access the JSON inside the script.

JSON script parameter

Sample script:

var setup = function (args, ctx) {
    console.log(args.myJsonParameter); // Prints the parsed JSON data

var parameters = [{
    key: 'myJsonParameter',
    type: 'json'