A Texture asset is a 2D image file with a few settings. You can use it in your Materials, Scripts or use it in a Skybox.

Importing a Texture

To add a texture asset to the asset bin, drag and drop an image file from your desktop on top of the asset bin.

Using a texture

To use a texture, for example, in a Material, just drag and drop it from the Asset Bin into the desired drop area. You can also drop an image file directly into the texture drop area.

Texture settings

There are advanced texture settings (texture repeat, offset and so on) which are reachable by clicking the texture asset in the Asset Bin.

Texture panel


The scale of the texture. The larger value, the more repeating you get.


The texture offset coordinates.



This setting tells the Create what to do when it reads outside of the texture range. The following options are available:

EdgeClamp: use the closest pixel value on the texture.

Repeat: repeate the texture.

MirroredRepeat repeat it but flip the texture each time.

MagFilter & MinFilter

Flip Y

Flips the texture upside down.

LOD bias

Generate MipMaps

Whether to generate mipmaps for the texture. Mipmaps increases rendering speed and reduces aliasing artifacts, but uses more GPU memory.

Load Lazily

If this option is used, then the texture won’t be loaded until you call


from a script.