The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you go to the Create site. This is where you manage your projects, scenes and related things.


The left menu: browse projects

Contains links to recent scenes, scene drafts and the trash bin, as well as

  • personal projects,
  • your shared projects,
  • the organizations you’re part of,
  • and the organization projects.

Project = a collection of scenes

Projects are collections of zero or more scenes. A project can be personal or belong to an organization. To create a new project, click any of the organizations in the left menu, or “Personal”. Then Click “New project”.

When the project is created, you can edit the project details in the right menu, as well as copying or moving it to other organizations. You can also manage the users that have access to the project.


If you click once on a scene in the dashboard, it will get highlighted, and the right menu appears. In this menu you can edit the scene properties as well as launching the scene in the Goo Create editor. You can also copy or move the scene to other projects.