Particle System

The Particle System Component simulates fluid entities such as liquids, clouds and flames by generating and animating large numbers of small 2D images in the scene.


Auto play If true, the animation will start when the scene starts.
Loop Whether to loop the emission animation.
Duration The duration of the emission animation in seconds. If looping is enabled, the system will loop after this duration time.
Prewarm Whether to prewarm the emission.
Max particles Maximum number of visible particles at the same time.
Gravity A constant force that affects all particles.
Seed Randomization seed. The animation will look the same for the same seed. Set to -1 if you want randomized each time.
Local space simulation Whether to simulate the particle system in the space of the parent entity. If false, they will be simulated in world space.

Emitter shape

Emitter Shape Shape of the particle emitter. Depending on the shape selected, new settings for the shape appear.

Over duration properties

Emission rate Emission rate over duration, specified in particles per second.
Start speed Initial speed of particles, over duration.
Start size Initial size/scale of the particles, over duration.
Start color Initial color of the particles, over duration.
Start life time Initial life time of particles, over duration.
Start angle Initial angle of particles, over duration.

Over lifetime properties

Color Particle color over lifetime. Will be multiplied with the initial color.
Size Size (scale) of the particle over lifetime.
Rotation speed Rotation speed (degrees per second) over lifetime.
Local velocity Local space velocity over lifetime, specified in meters per second.
World velocity World space velocity over lifetime, specified in meters per second.


Here you can choose between a few (procedurally generated) texture presets, or choose an own texture asset.

Texture animation

Texture tiles How many tiles there are in the sprite sheet, in X and Y directions.
Cycles How many texture animation cycles to finish over a life time.
Frame over lifetime A curve specifying when to show what frame in the animation. 0 is the first frame and 1 is the last. A linear curve starting at 0 and ending at 1 will traverse all frames in the animation.


Billboard Billboard mode will make the particles always face the camera.
RenderQueue Renderqueue of the particle mesh. Note that the offset will be added to the render queue.
Blending What kind of blending to use, for example Additive Blending.
Depth write Whether to write to depth buffer or not.
Depth test Whether to test against depth buffer or not.
Sorting mode The sorting mode defines the draw order for the particles. If you have transparency blending, you should probably sort by camera distance.
Opacity threshold The lower alpha threshold at which fragments will be discarded.