Script Component

The Script Component allows you to add Script Assets to your entity. The component can hold zero or many Script Assets.

Script component panel

Script Instance vs Script Asset

A Script Component contains a list of “Script Instances”. The instances contains some parameter values and a reference to a Script Asset. This allows you to re-use a Script several times on the same or on different entities, but with different parameters.

Sorting and execution order

You can sort the scripts in the panel by dragging and dropping the scripts. The execution order will be from top to bottom.

Enabling or disabling a Script

The checkbox allows you to toggle individual scripts.

“Instance Of”

Each script instance in the list has a reference to the script it is using. Clicking the script will take you to the scripts’ own panel.

Script parameters

Each script instance will list the available parameters for the script asset. The parameters are unique for each script and are discussed in the Scripting section.