Environment panel


The Background part lets you set the color of the background in your scene, of which is a grey by default.

The opacity only influences published projects. If you embed the scene on your site, elements behind the goo canvas can be seen through.


A skybox can be described as a infinitely large box (or sphere), that you only see the inside of. You can drop any Skybox here, or click the + button to create a new one. Click the drop area or the edit button to edit the Skybox.


This is the global ambient light for the scene. Note that it will not have any effect on the skybox/skysphere.


Enable the fog using the checkbox, and color and range inputs will appear.

Fog Near and Fog Far is where the fog should start and end, measured in distance to the camera. If the camera is closer than Fog Near, you will see no fog, and full fog if it’s more distant than Fog Far.


Enable snow particles using the checkbox, and the snow settings will appear.

  • Velocity controls how fast the snow particles will fall.
  • Rate controls how many particles per time unit.
  • Height controls at what height the particles will spawn, relative to the camera height.