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Making an Android app



In this tutorial you will learn about:

Webpage export
Android Studio

How to turn your Goo Create scene into an Android app using CocoonJS.



In this tutorial you will learn about:

Webpage export
Android Studio


1 hour

Last updated on:

April 04, 2016

Step 1: Make an awesome app using Goo Create

  • Be creative!
  • Look at the other tutorials on this site to get inspiration.
  • Note that external links don’t work properly from within the app. To make them open in a new window you have to add some code. Read more in the Cocoon docs.
  • Publish your Goo Create scene to the web (Scene… > Publish… > Publish).

Step 2: Test the scene in Cocoon Developer app

The Cocoon Developer app lets you test your app quickly before taking the next steps, and saves you a lot of work.

  1. Download the Cocoon Developer app.
  2. Open the app and register.
  3. Choose My App.
  4. Click the URL button.
  5. Enter the URL to your Goo scene.
  6. Click WebView+ to launch your app.

Step 2: Export the scene as webpage

When you’re done with testing your app, it’s time to export it and upload it to Cocoon.

Click Scene -> Export -> Webpage. The browser will start to download a .zip file.

Step 3: Create a project on

  1. Register on if you didn’t already.
  2. Create a new Project by dropping the .zip file on the Projects page.
  3. Uncheck the iOS checkbox to the left (see screenshot). We only want to target Android in this tutorial.
  4. Choose WebView Engine: WebView+ in the settings, and enter details of your app. The defaults should be good.
  5. Click the Icons tab, and upload default icons for your app. Do the same in the Splash tab.
  6. You should now be able to compile both a Developer App and a normal (unsigned) app. Click the Compile button at the top.
  7. Wait for the app to compile.
  8. Download the zip file. Unzip it. Transfer the .apk file to your Android device, and test it!

Step 4: Create a Key Store

Android requires all apps to be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. To sign your app, you need a key. This sounds scary, but don’t worry! It’s just a file that you can generate easily using Android Studio.

  1. Install Android Studio.
  2. Start a new project. Doesn’t matter what type or what you name it.
  3. Click Build and then Generate Signed APK… (see screenshot below and/or read more here).
  4. Follow the first steps in the wizard. This will create a key store file. Remember where you save it on disk.

Step 5: Upload the Key Store to your Cocoon project

  1. Go back to your project page on
  2. Add the key store file in the Signing section.
  3. Press the Compile button at the top of the page again.
  4. When the compilation is done, you will get a new zip file containing a signed APK file back.

Step 6: Publish your app on Google Play

  1. Sign up at Google Play.
  2. Create a new App and upload the signed APK file there.
  3. Review the app settings.
  4. Publish the app.
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